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    I like losing my pants. Classical ballet is literally my life.
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    Sagging, pantsing, boxers, embarrassment. I love designer shoes.
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    Student training in classical ballet.
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  1. saggin

    A Or B?

    Every two to three months, since I actually get my haircut every 6-8 weeks. Plays or musical theater?
  2. saggin

    Zach Clayton

    What was the video called???
  3. saggin

    Zach Clayton

    The video is gone, is it available anywhere else online?
  4. saggin

    bending flexibility

    I've tried, I'm really flexible but my spine only bands backwards lol
  5. saggin

    How old are y’all boys

    18 here
  6. saggin

    A Or B?

    Feet. I love feet, not sexually, I just find feet really cool. Arms or legs?
  7. saggin

    Word Association Game

    Brian Williams
  8. saggin

    A Or B?

    Rear wheel drive! Bugatti Chiron or Pagani Huayra?
  9. saggin

    Word Association Game

    Twitter based fuckpocalypse
  10. saggin

    A Or B?

    Spring! manual or automatic transmission. (I’m a manual guy myself)
  11. saggin

    A Or B?

    Australia has better ballet. Bulky muscles or lean, toned muscles on guys?
  12. saggin

    Word Association Game

  13. saggin


    I haven't gotten much action on Gindr, partly because I don't like to hook up, I need some good conversation to get turned on, and I don't want to be kissed like a ******* hamburger thank you very much. It seems like people still use it though, but not that many, at least in my area. I've tried Tinder too and actually went on a date out of it but we didn't click.
  14. saggin

    A Or B?

    Grey jeans! I always wear grey jeans, they go with everything! Convertibles or hardtop?

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