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    I like losing my pants. Classical ballet is literally my life.
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  1. Pierced ears and earrings

    I have both ears pierced, I never wear any earrings though.
  2. I'm 18 years old OH MY GOD!!!!!!
  3. It's pretty much my birthday! I'm 18 years old!

    1. salesmerlin


      Happy Birthday!

    2. CJS90


      Happy Birthday

  4. My Youtube Channel

    Those fuckers just sent me an email saying that "we decided to keep your account suspended due to our community guidelines." *****, I didn't breech your ******* community guidelines! Just age restrict my videos and leave me the F**** alone, my channel was perfectly within your ******* bureaucracy.
  5. My Youtube Channel

    Thanks dude. I was really sad to see your channel go, you had such awesome vids. I honestly don't care what YouTube does to my videos, I could always make a new channel and post them again, with an age restriction a warning. I just really hope they leave my channel up with all its playlists, those are actually pretty important to me and I don't want them deleted.
  6. My Youtube Channel

    This is very annoying, YouTube disabled my account this afternoon. I've contacted them to dispute whatever they're doing with it but seems like I'll have to wait and see what happens. I didn't violate their terms of service, I don't know why they're going after me, I don't have very many views and I haven't seen any negative comments or anything. I'm pretty sure I age restricted my videos too.
  7. Word Association Game

    Engine oil
  8. Word Association Game

  9. A Or B?

    I'm a salty *****. Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo?
  10. Thank heaven for smart, cultured, open minded people. You make the world go around.
  11. Yes, tights! Tights that show off my powerful, muscular legs and a great big bulge. If you want to see someone who looks girly in tights try on a pair yourself.
  12. I honestly don't like you at all anymore. Such narrow mindedness is insulting and unpleasant. I don't have any interest in people who think any art is "gay." Classical ballet is more physically, mentally, and psychologically demanding that any other sport or art form. I'm not going to debate with you or anyone else about that because I am right. I'm honestly surprised how ignorant some of the people on this site are.
  13. Completely off topic but my entire body really hurts, especially my ankles and metatarsals. So don't tell me that ballet is girly. Also Baryshnikov:

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