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    I like losing my pants. Classical ballet is literally my life.
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  1. A Or B?

    Definitely hairy, pubes are great! Having your pants fall down in public or getting pantsed in public?
  2. Word Association Game

  3. Word Association Game

  4. Word Association Game

  5. A Or B?

    Without, hands down. Rudolf Nureyev or Mikhail Baryshnikov?
  6. They're nice. Personally I would say they aren't a good splurge purchase, but they're very high quality and certainly worth the retail price if the branding is important to you. Basically if you want CK quality with a sexier European fit and a lower rise and less elasticised cotton in their multi-packs. Tl;dr sort of like Diesel and Calvin Klein had a baby.
  7. Designer belt question.

    Very good points. The only thing I'll say is that designer shoes are better generally, I have a collection of women's designer shoes (don't ask lol) and they have insanely better quality, materials and craftsmanship then cheaper shoes, though I will say that buying designer and high end products second hand is a good choice, especially in consignment stores, just look for things people bought and just never used.
  8. Trading underwear?

    You "lent" them to him. He "borrowed" them FROM you.
  9. Designer belt question.

    It's spelled Louis Vuitton for future reference ;), if you see anyone wearing a Luis Vuittan then that's definitely a fake lol. The belt in the pic could be an authentic Louis Vuitton, but I've seen lots of knock-offs that have have an identical checkered pattern. The colour of the leather makes me want to say it's fake, but I'm not an expert and it very well could be real.
  10. Word Association Game

    Transparent (Their fur is actually transparent)
  11. Word Association Game

  12. Word Association Game

  13. Word Association Game

    Head injury
  14. Word Association Game

    clogged arteries

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