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  1. My ex boyfriend used to have some EA undies and they were very comfy and such and I was wondering if with time they still would be like that
  2. I think all of us familiar with this expensive brand, I was wondering anyone who has experience with their underwear, whether they worth their price or anything else.
  3. We met today again, and I have to correct myself, he does sag occasionally, but not on purpose. Some of his jeans cannot cover his whole bum so the upper 1/3 is not covered by his jeans but only by his hot undies
  4. I know this is bad but...

    Once Trump said that guns are not the problem as Switzerland's gun control laws are not strict and has one of the fewest gun related death. He only forget to say that every citizen is mandatory to to be trained for having firearm and cannot store any ammo at home, only at gun shooting range.
  5. I know this is bad but...

    Gun control does not mean to ban every firearm, but you may need to deny firearm from some people.
  6. I know this is bad but...

    USa should get their gun control laws straight, how come that counties where gun access is restricted won't experience massive school shootings. That was the 18th school massacre, that's one shooting every second and half-th day.
  7. Type "david hanson gay po*n" into google search box and the second one is a full one.
  8. You can find him as David Hanson I wonder how many of you will jerk of to him 😅
  9. Cute, isn't he? Which one did you found? I'm familiar with like all of them
  10. It's kinda personal, don't you think? Well, he was playing on the piano while I was sitting next to him on the carpet and when was a pause in the piano play, he quickly grabbed my hand and placed it on his d*ck which was bulging and he continued the play meanwhile I tried to get in his undies but his jeans were too tight and at one point in the middle of him playing I pulled him off from the piano to the bed, I pushed him on the bed and sat on him in cowboy position and we started making out really passionately, while we were undressing each other. When the both of us had only undies on he fliped me, so I was below him and he started biting my neck really wildly (have to add that if someone bites my neck I totally surrender there and the other person have 100% control over me) beyond this I don't know what happened exactly and after some time I ended up on top (as I found out he thought I was top meanwhile I'm vers), we both have taken a sniff of rush (I did only a small amount as I have never try such but was enough) we were like animals, he rode me than we changed to doggy and we went kinda crazy. At one point we changed back to a pose where he is riding me but I'm not laying but sitting, he rode me for some thrusting (I'm not sure how you say it) and than in same position I started pound him from below and I actually f*cked the c*m out of him, he shot me in the face, luckily the bottom side of my face so the most of it ended up in my mouth or around so I could lick it off. Afterwards the whole thing I realized I got some minor injury (just little bluish purplish under my skin). We chatted (He told me some nasty secrets of po*n industry) and did some other staff afterwards (nothing sexual except a bl****b and deep throat) we are planing to meet next weekend. And now I just hope that not a single person who knows me in real life will ever find this story.
  11. Even tho he has a stunning bum, he doesn't sag. He hates baggy jeans, I can barely get my fingers into his jeans. Today as I was going to school I felt that both of my legs hurts due to the extreme usage from yesterday 😂
  12. Yes he is, and smells ******* good
  13. I'm heading home now on tram so a quick update, I went to his place we started chating about our common pasts his experiences in porni ndustry, then we started to sing together and play the piano (as both of us used to be a member of a choir) than one thing led to the other and the rest is now history. PS.: it was really wild
  14. Dunno, but I'm sure he would not mind me pulling his jeans down.

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