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  1. Vikkin

    Hitting on this police officer boy

    Believe me, every country has its stupid stuff. For example, here the police wants to arrest a whole political party because they failed to provide them name of Banksy, as they expect them to work together. All system is fucked up so let's just not make this topic into a "we hate police" thing.
  2. I'm asking everyone not to discuss opinion about the police, but let's talk about how freaking hot this guy is, like I'm hitting on him on a whole new level that should not exist ๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. Drunk boyfriends are ******* adorable
  4. Vikkin

    Has anyone seen a UFO?

    I have seen and I have even made an UFO, even you can make one as UFO stand for Unidentified Flying Object therefor if you throw for example a key, and without actually knowing that it was a key, you might will be unable to identify that object therefor that's an UFO. You might mean a spices that isn't native on the planet and in theory there has to be some based only on the logic that there is a limited number of elements (as far as we know) therefore the number of combinations is also limited, while space is infinite (again, as far as we know) and at one point we run out of combinations and the same type of combinations will appear which will lead to the existence of life somewhere else.
  5. Vikkin

    bending flexibility

    Everyone could do so with enough stretching.
  6. Vikkin


    I would never do it. Sure as I'm gay I would never impregnate a boy but for me it wouldn't be the same without comming all over the other.
  7. Vikkin


    These Aussiebum ones look hot af
  8. My ex boyfriend used to have some EA undies and they were very comfy and such and I was wondering if with time they still would be like that
  9. I think all of us familiar with this expensive brand, I was wondering anyone who has experience with their underwear, whether they worth their price or anything else.
  10. We met today again, and I have to correct myself, he does sag occasionally, but not on purpose. Some of his jeans cannot cover his whole bum so the upper 1/3 is not covered by his jeans but only by his hot undies
  11. Once Trump said that guns are not the problem as Switzerland's gun control laws are not strict and has one of the fewest gun related death. He only forget to say that every citizen is mandatory to to be trained for having firearm and cannot store any ammo at home, only at gun shooting range.
  12. Gun control does not mean to ban every firearm, but you may need to deny firearm from some people.
  13. USa should get their gun control laws straight, how come that counties where gun access is restricted won't experience massive school shootings. That was the 18th school massacre, that's one shooting every second and half-th day.
  14. Type "david hanson gay po*n" into google search box and the second one is a full one.

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