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  1. My question is to everyone who is into guys, but mainly guys who are strictly homosexual (if neither of this fits you but you want to share, do so). So I'm 18, a twink, but somewhat hairy. My problem is that I'm really really annoyed by body hair, I don't have any problems with those who are very hairy or into hairy guys it's just a huge turn off for me. I don't find guys with hair sexually attractive and neither I like that I have body hair. Originally humans had much more hair because that kept our body warm and protected from mechanical impacts however to this day both of this are done by clothing. I can say I'm somewhat ashamed by my body hair (because I hate it so so much). I'm interested in anyone's opinion but as I'm gay I would be most interested in other gays' opinions. Do you like yourself and others hairy or not and anything which you wanna ad. PS.: If you comment please write down your sexuality, because I'm interested if there's a difference between gays and bis in this matter.
  2. I don't feel intimidated by knowing my parents' or someone else's sexuality, neither I am by others knowing mine. The difference between the face structure of girls and boys is due to the presents of gender hormones. Yet science has no clue why some of us is gay, others bi, therefore we cannot know if there are some face shapes that are 'gay'. This algorithm can be based only on analyzing the face of openly gay people and make some overall faces but that can't be accurate at all, but for sure not 90%
  3. I don't believe they are able to make such a algorithm with such a high accuracy if we take consideration that we don't even understand sexuality yet. No thing as gay face exists, so far the only physical difference we were able to detect is in the layout of the brain. We just simply don't have the evidence that face has any connection with sexuality.
  4. What are you wearing right now?

    My only problem with freegun that all of their undies are made of some synthetic fabric but not cotton.
  5. I don’t know how to start this...

    Don't change for him but because of him. What I'm trying to tell that you should not change because he wants you, but if YOU want to change because of him than do so. In love you should not tell your love that he has to change (except few cases but that isn't the one happening here). I hope it's clear what different I'm trying to show.
  6. No Clothes

    I'm always only in underwear at home (except when late fall and early spinig when it's still cold early in the day and heating season has ended or not yet started).
  7. Word Association Game

  8. Here in the capital of Hungary, where I live it was very foggy, like 10-20 meters of view distance.
  9. Underwear For Sale!

    It may sound a bit weird but how do you feel about the fact that many people would want to by them to **** into them to your pic? I always wonder how people feel about it.
  10. Christmas wishes

    Why people want to wear ripped jeans? They become worn out in like a year
  11. Christmas wishes

    In Hungary the new-born little Jesus brings the presents. But for me (even tho I haven't bought it yet) it will be a light grey super skinny jeans
  12. Someone else also had this problem a few months ago, I think it was disabled for him for some reason.
  13. A Or B?

    Christmas eve as in my country "boxing day" is held on Christmas eve (we don't make difference between the two) and the following day typical used to to meet the extended families (Christmas eve is on for close family). Religious Christmas or non-religious Christmas?
  14. Feminism

    You know, we live on a planet where 1 billion people believe in fairy tales (aka the bible) that emphasize how females are are inferior to men.
  15. pics now!!!

    stole someone's undie and sag in it.

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