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  3. maxfli

    Word Association Game

    DEC PDP-11/23
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  5. I never went without underwear. I guess the closest I came was when I was young and would go swimming. My mom made me wear a swimming suit and they have a net linning. When I got older I started swimming in regular shorts and wore my underwear in the water too.
  6. Sagging in the car I really like this picture.IMG_20190524_173258.thumb.jpg.09cf8f8b579050e356ce261f67f1d7ed.jpg

  7. What would you guys think of me returning to this website and putting some fresh new albums up here for you people? 🤔

    1. Lukey


      DEFFO BRO! be so hot sagging to show other people on here.... Love you to cum bk.....

  8. https://youtu.be/wHLYstHIrdA
  9. Pabsman2024

    What are you wearing right now?

    My girlfriend has her house all buy herself for a 3 day weekend so I am drinking beers in my red plaid hanes boxer shorts and my girlfriend is wearing green plaid hanes boxer shorts and white tank top without a bra so the 38D's are hanging losse
  10. Pabsman2024

    Word Association Game

    Nokia 3120
  11. maxfli

    Word Association Game

    Motorola DynaTac
  12. Last week
  13. jayzod007


    hot asf!
  14. Denimsag

    What are you wearing right now?

    Orange Sondico compression shorts, white tennis shorts, navy adidas trackies, black t shirt
  15. SaggerLogan

    younger with older

    if it's legal then it's legal, and really i wouldn't want to date someone who's really older than me when im 20 years old. i no im 16 but too young, also if i no about love and i think i do it depends on if u love them the same way and vice versa and as long as it's legal love who u love
  16. SaggersRhot

    Hot sagger I saw today

    Hey guys. I wanted to tell you about a hot sagger I saw today close to my house. I was driving home from work and I drove past this hot sagger. He was wearing a white t shirt and sagging black jean shorts almost mid ass. I could see he was wearing blue boxerbriefs. I went around the block and i had to wait for traffic and so did this guy. I got a second look and he was cute. Here is what we said to eachother. I crossed the street and he came over. Me: I like your sag Him: what? Me: I like your sag. Your jeans look nice. Him: Thanks man (fist bump) Me: can I see your underwear? Him: They are blue boxerbriefs. Me: Yeah, I saw. Can I see again? Him: Why? Do you want to buy some cologne? ( fist bump again) Me: No thanks man. Are you gay? Him: Nah man Me: okay. Thanks anyway. Later dude. Him: later ( fist bump) He was so cute. I hope I see him again. Maybe I'll buy some cologne if I see him again just to get a closer look at his sag.
  17. Pabsman2024

    Word Association Game

    Motorola startac
  18. maxfli

    Word Association Game

    cell phone
  19. You tipped half the price of the food, then your gf tips more and gives a random person illegal drugs. Umm.... OK.....
  20. qwertz1995

    Selling some undies

    I added two satin boxers (size L and XL) for sale 🙂
  21. qwertz1995

    Undies for sale

    Her you can find pictures of undies that I'm selling. As long as nothing else is written beside each single image, they're worn but washed and therefore clean. If you have any questions, wishes or are interested in some of my undies that aren't in this album feel free to contact me!
  22. Pabsman2024

    Word Association Game

    Motorola Razor
  23. Bagga22


    The best! 😛
  24. Black puma sweatpants, blue t shirt and American Eagle boxer briefs see photos below to see the AE boxer briefs that I’m currently wearing
  25. How do you delete an old account?
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