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  2. latinsagger23


    F**** bro
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  4. SaggerMatt

    Any tips on how to sag without anyone noticing?

    I don't think it works like the original poster suggested. That is why it has me confused as well. Best wishes to him on his sagging endeavors!
  5. SaggerMatt

    Loose woven boxers

    Dunno, man. Lots of underwear is cool--great for showing off sagging!
  6. AlexanderBoy75

    My YouTube channel for sagging

    Great channel! I like it. Storing Clothes is 5 stars, I like your body 🙂
  7. Pabsman2024

    Word Association Game

  8. worldsagger1

    Cosmic Ethika Sagging

    this is one of the best albums ive ever seen bro!
  9. Follow me on Twitter @sexysaggeryo 

    Posting eXclusive content daily 🔥

  10. jcpbriefs

    Any tips on how to sag without anyone noticing?

    Why sag if you don’t want anyone to notice?
  11. apt8383

    My YouTube channel for sagging

    Hot videos man! Keep up the good work!
  12. SaggermanJ

    Loose woven boxers

    Back on topic... it seems they are. what are your guys thoughts on briefs? It seems they are coming back. a few years ago everyone wore loose boxers and u got made fun of for briefs. Now it seems it’s cool to wear briefs and u get made fun of for loose boxers.
  13. Pokemon


    This makes more sense to me, I don't understand why people would wear briefs on top if they are the smaller underwear
  14. Yesterday
  15. CJS90


    oh how is it ?
  16. Pabsman2024


    I have worn briefs with boxer shorts over the briefs or a jock strap with boxer shorts over the jock strap
  17. Hoblio


    Very hot

    Hi, I offer myself as a free photographer to those boys who use sagging who live in Barcelona (Spain) or who come to visi
  19. Miguel


  20. Miguel


    Hot sag and nice undie
  21. Pabsman2024

    Running leggings/tights

    Soon It will be leggings and tights season as weather starts to cool off and men and women that want get their morning run in will be wearing leggings on tights
  22. Sweatpantssaggin

    Hello From New York City

    Hi nyc
  23. wetboxers

    My YouTube channel for sagging

    Hot channel. You and your friend need to take your sags to the shower!
  24. Andreno90


  25. Andreno90

    carsag (3).JPG

  26. Andreno90

    carsag (6).JPG

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