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  3. worldsagger1

    PSD Sagger

    wow is he doing this video for us? he should join saggerworld haha
  4. SaggersRhot

    Coronavirus outbreak

    This virus is a huge pain in the a$$. 40 million people out of work. 240,000 cases. Hurdreds of thousands dead. No money coming in. People fighting and rioting. This is way out of control. I had a good job at a funeral home and was let go because I was the newest person hired so when they needed to let 3 workers go, me and two others got laidoff. I'm starting to go crazy I feel sometime. I've not had work since March 13. I feel so useless now. I don't know the day sometime. I need to get work again. I filed for unemployment but because so many did at the same time, I'm still waiting for my first check. I've been living off my savings but that won't last forever. How are things with you?
  5. I went through my box of boxers I wore in school but I didn't find any a&f boxers. I don't know what happened to them. I found 26 pairs of boxers in different brands alot of Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Guess, Polo and 2 cks
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  7. WeathermantobeMike


    oh F**** yes!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. jace


    Doin my part to bridge the racial divide 1 sagger at a time
  9. jace


    You might want to look back at history. Change has happened, Blacks can now eat in restaurants with whites, stay in hotels with whites, share drinking fountains, were freed from slavery and vote. Women can vote and make the same pay a man makes for doing the same job. Gays can walk down the street without being arrested. None of these changes happened in a vacuum and without a serious uprising from those affected. Sometimes it is inconvenient.
  10. jace


    No, it is a very small minority that are protesting and rioting or affected. 99% here are just going about our lives as usual. Media makes it look like all USA cities are imploding. I live in NYC and BOS. Not seeing it
  11. jace


    We do have a lot here
  12. jace


    Not sure how you came to the conclusion protests and standing around with signs and marching does nothing. Media loves these events, show up, film and broadcast to the world. Change does happen from protests. You might want to look up the history of the Stonewall riots in the USA. Gays were continually harassed by police and locked up for being gay. Gays were not allowed in many establishments in the 50's and 60's because they were gay. Police would go into bars and raid and arrest just because of sexual orientation. The Stonewall riots were a turning point. Now gays have protections. Sure there is still some hate , but pretty much gays are accepted. The 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots was recent and Pride is an annual celebration of that event. The civil rights movement as well as the women's movement in the USA consisted of many riots and protest marches. Blacks and minorities now have many more rights than before the protests. Women Same. The Aids movement which was also full of protests peaceful and other got governments to notice and take action. Writing a blog from your basement and posting on the internet, rarely gets noticed. Working with your elected representatives is a slow and tedious process, that often gets mixed results. Getting your cause in front of the media works, often starting a conversation and changes minds. I dont agree with property damage as that in my opinion sometimes takes away from the legitimacy of the movement.
  13. sooo, someone direct deposited over 2,000$ in my bank account and IDK who or what and I am not expecting any paychecks or money coming in or anything, what a mystery! And the bank doesn't even say where it's from! LOL

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    2. Pabsman2024


      In my area we call it hotel California a.k.a. the Cook County jail on 26th and California 

    3. Dillon
    4. Germansagger94


      Something similar happened me a few weeks ago

  14. Yeah, I saw you got new boxerbriefs. You took some pictures and looked nice. How about taking more pics in your boxerbriefs
  15. Last week
  16. worldsagger1


    Wow, as sad as it is, this video shows people stealing sneakers from a store, but check at 0:56 for an incredible sag and keep checking until the end. I think I need to move to the US if this is the amount of saggers you guys see everyday everywhere! It's crazy for someone who doesn't live there to see this!! Wow!
  17. after 3 months of shutdowns and one bad quarantine haircut finally getting it done at the barbershop

  18. SaggerMatt

    Relyk (rap videos)

    No problem.
  19. Geemansagger

    Relyk (rap videos)

    Great video. And hot Sagging.
  20. LeonSagger

    Relyk (rap videos)

    Just when i was looking for new Hip Hop. Having saggers into the mix is simply a blessing! Thanks a bunch, Matt! I'll check it out later
  21. wxsaggerNick

    Relyk (rap videos)

    Holy crap, those homies are so damn hot!
  22. I switch it up everyday between boxer shorts and boxer briefs
  23. Pokemon


    No. You must not understand just how many people live in America if you really think 164 million people(half the us population) are effected by the riots.
  24. Vikkin


    Then I'm rephrasing: Half of the US is either rioting, victim of riots or their life is directly impacted by the riots
  25. Pabsman2024

    Word Association Game

    Road Runner not the Plymouth Road Runner
  26. Pabsman2024

    A Or B?

    Skippy Chunky or creamy
  27. Pokemon


    Its far from half usa, I'd bet its well under a million people at all the riots combined. The media loves to act like the world is ending everytime anything bad happens
  28. Vikkin


    We do not care more about property than human lives, but sorry to say that but he is dead, you cannot bring him back, the only think you can do it to prevent anything from happening ever again and for that you need the support of the majority, but when you are trying to fight the stigma that makes black people the target, it really does not help you that that half of the US is rioting and many of the major cities are under curfew because of the violence.
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