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    My contribution to the thread... here are some of my favourites of Marzbar (Alex) sagging! Look forward to seeing what everyone else contributes.
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    I think you are full of sh*t with this story
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    Him sagging below ass in a performance
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    I have a few pairs with rips in, some more than others. This is one of the pairs anyway.
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    I haven't posted in a very long time but I'm still an active member! I have some great videos to share that I've found on YouTube. Enjoy! He's pretty much sagging the entire video. 😂 I don't understand German but for the money shot it starts at around 15:30 An emo boy sagging throughout the entire video.
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    10:25 - "Don't record right now: my butt's out"
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    Today’s sag at school
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    Mine lets me pull his pants down however I want at home
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    I was at the mall with my mate wearing superhero satin boxers with sweatpants carrying shopping with both hands and my pants slid down to the ground and I couldn’t pick them up so my mate picked them up for me and cause I obviously had a huge hard on now he had to tuck my **** back into the pants as it got stuck when he was pulling them up. It was embarrassing and so hot at the same time .
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    Hey, I made a new sagging video, my second one. So, if you have any feedback or recommendations, I would be very thankful.
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    A couple of nice shots of these guys sagging in this mv, especially the man with the blue shirt : 0;29 ; 0:50 ; 1:14 ; 1:25 ; 2:13 ; 2:22 ; 2:33 ; 2:40 ; 2:57 ; 3:00 ; 3:35 ;
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    A guy from another sagging site had sex with me while sagging and with his clothes on. Gear stays on in the bedroom in my book. Hope this isn't too x-rated to share on the forums but we did a bit of robbery roleplay. Tied me up with duct tape, pulled my underwear down to my ankles and then sucked and fucked me with his gear and shoes still on. All he had to do was just had to pull his basketball shorts down a little when he flipped me over but it was soo incredibly hot! Even pretended to steal my laptop and TV and leave me struggling in the tape for a good 15 mins or so but he actually went out to get some beer for us haha
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    American Eagle has the best shade of Pink for Men's Underwear
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    Pissed up at my mates birthday bash tonight haha 😊 I have an album on my hands to post (birthday one) still sits waiting to post. I've been incredibly busy this week everyone x
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    I knew he was into rap and basketball, but I didn't really know he sags sometimes. It's pretty brief, starting around 2:17:
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    Yeah there was a group of saggers sitting next to us who when it happened gave me a smile and wink and one of the main guys later came up to me saying they wanted to know where i bought my boxers from as they wanted to wear them aswell as he was sagging red plaid boxers below his ass.
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    I can relate. I ain't like most black men and it throws some people off.
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    Amazing sags right throughout, especially around 3:42
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    Check out the two recent videos. Sags aren't as prominent, but still good: He's sagging below his ass and you get glimpses of it throughout. Some great views in the beginning. In this one, he's sagging about half ass while shooting around:

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