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    My contribution to the thread... here are some of my favourites of Marzbar (Alex) sagging! Look forward to seeing what everyone else contributes.
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    I too have been watching Marzbar for years and his sags always seem to impress me. Most of these screenshots are the same but still.
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    Hey, I made a new sagging video, my second one. So, if you have any feedback or recommendations, I would be very thankful.
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    I bumped into some videos that I share with you; these two guys sag in almost all the video they uploaded. They automatically star when sagging begins, but the whole video is interesting. Have a nice watch! 😜
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    That sag guys is DOPE. I could literally just watch him all day like this admiring his sexy bod at the same time! Cutie 😍😍😍
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    A few days ago, I created a YouTube channel for sagging, I invite you all to take a look! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC47ZfqD-B4Q1XJWYWkPmasA?view_as=subscriber
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    Hi guys, this guy is a 19 year old French YouTuber:- Mainly at 3:00 Screenshots:-
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    I did a dive through my google drive to find all the old pictures I took of Alex.
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    Hey, I made a new video some weeks ago. I realized, that I had not posted it here, yet:
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    I'd say you need to ask him out for lunch or something casual first, rather than rushing into a date, and then just see where it takes you. If you're not sure how he feels then I'd say something relaxed would be the best way to approach it, just in case it doesn't go anywhere then you'll still be friends. To me, it sounds pretty positive though so I'd say just go for it and see what he says. 😀 Whatever happens, just make sure your sag's looking good though because if he's a sagger too, chances are he'll want to check out yours! 😛
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