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  1. Thank you for sharing this. That is courageous. I hope you get a lot of positive reactions |(always a gamble when posting something, for everybodyto read). Great you looked for or found a therapist. Looking for help is the right step. I 'm not gonna be the partner you look for, 'cause I'm too old, but I do hope you find someone and hope also your life will soon be lighter for you.
  2. I'm very glad this topic is started by waxxfan! I find much truth in the remarks by Jace. It's not important to label yourself. Better to accept, have fun and even be proud (?) by the unique way you handle yourself. But... having said that, I must admit it was and is also for me a complicated issue. Sagging has always been a secretive and solo thing for me. And hard to combine with finding a (sex-)partner. I am almost 60 years old and sagging was in my life since I was 18. Reading all the replies on this topic, I realise even more that also for me, sex is only possible when combined
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