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  1. AmsterdamSagger

    My sags (pw saggerworld)

    Love them!
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    dedesagger video's

    Love thos one!
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    Live PD Sagger

  7. Hi there, I've been sagging since I was about 18, but i've always seen it as something purely for myself. When in everyday life , like school, work etc. I never sagged. Understand that in those days sagging was not a fashion as it is today. When someone was sagging it was "accidentally". When i sagged, i went out alone, trying different kind of pants, sagging lower and lower while walking and when someone say me, it gave me a feeling of excitement, but also of being "caught". So... this mix of having something exclusively for myself with this rush of excitement (and afterwards also shame) I kept all my life. By now (I'm 53) the sagging is still a lot on my mind, I sag for myself (love a low crotch as my pics show) and every now and then I go out and sag. For instance after stressy work, or when I'm feeling frustrated or smt.
  8. AmsterdamSagger

    SexySaggerYo Videos

    Sagging drop-crotch pants!
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    Saggers In The Wild

    But very hot at the same time!
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  12. AmsterdamSagger

    Drop Crotch Jeans

    yes it is too extreme to wear outside I think. Bought it on ebay from an Australian guy. It's a Levi's.

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